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Innovative Software Solutions for the Housing Industry

OSaaS Housing Solutions for the Homeowner Assistance Fund

of the

American Rescue Plan Act of 2021

Eligibility Navigator

The Eligibility Navigator screens and guides the user through a series of steps that determine program eligibility. The process is efficient, user friendly, and designed to maximize accuracy. Once they’re determined to be approved, the user is directed to the Intake Portal where they can create an account and complete an application.

ONAIR Intake Portal + Review Portal

Intake Portal

Once the applicant is screened through the Eligibility Navigator, they are directed to the
Intake Portal where they can complete an application and create an account. In this
portal applications can be edited, reviewed, and submitted. Upon completion of the
application, the applicant can return to the portal to check the status.


Review Portal

The Review Portal allows application administrators to review and evaluate the applications. While reviewing the application, the agent can request additional information from the applicant, schedule email reminders, update status of the application, pull and analyze reports, that allow for a data driven user experience.


Additional Benefits of the Intake and Review Portals

  • Multi-language support 

  • A platform that is responsive, WCAG 2.1 AA compliant, and hosted and secured through AWS government cloud


Through our oContact solution, agents can answer calls and provide live chat support. It brings out of the box features such as an Interactive Voice Response (IVR) menu, multi-language support, the ability to transfer calls to different departments, extensions, call recording and a list of pre-configured reports to track the Contact Center Activities.

Features include:

  • Ability to receive phone calls. 

  • Ability to implement an IVR menu.

  • Prompts in various languages. 

  • Ability to transfer calls to different teams or supervisors. 

  • Ability to assign extensions to agents.

  • Reports

  • Contact us for additional feature information.



Our oCDF solution is configured to work with the Common Data File (CDF) standard template to exchange information with loan servicers. The solution automatically sends application information to servicers and accepts CDF responses. It also triggers different actions or reminders to the staff based on the information provided by the servicers. It can also append information from the servicers received via CDF to the application without overwriting the original application of the applicant.


LocationAI facilitates the ability to track outreach activities and pinpoint specific data sets such as identifying particularly vulnerable communities. Your community-based organizations will be able to report their outreach activity, identify gaps and highlight areas to target for future outreach efforts.


Our oChat solution is an automated chat window that allows the user to obtain answers quickly. oChat can route the user where they need to go or answer a variety of different questions. This reduces the need for the user to reach out to a call center or send queries via email resulting in a reduction in cost to provide help to the user. oChat’s AI allows for the program to learn and improve as more users interact with it. As more time goes by, it can provide increasingly accurate answers and assistance. This also allows for insight into the type of questions that are being asked and their frequency.
The best part of oChat is that it’s able to provide on demand customer service 24/7.

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