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Intuitive solutions that connect government and people.
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At Citizen360 we provide intuitive, rapid and scalable solutions for public sector agencies of all sizes. Our customer-centric solutions connect people and information through a single platform. As a result, we aim to empower government agencies to provide their citizens with the right tools to be self-reliant and take action.

Citizen360 Products

Citizen360 products are developed by our experienced engineering team. Learn more about our product philosophy by reading some of our whitepapers.

      Why Government Agencies should be adding Chatbots to their websites today
Learn why adding a chatbot to government websites can drastically increase your constituents service levels.


Citizen360 oChat Intelligent Response Agent

The Citizen360 oChat Intelligent Response Agent is a fully managed interactive chatbot that can be installed on any web page to help your visitors get quick, simple answers and information about any question they have, 24 hours a day and 7 days a week.


The Citizen360 Navigator is a website tour guide, that by asking each visitor questions about the information they seek, they are led to the exact location of the information requested, and it is presented in a format tailored for them.


 With Citizen360’s oScheduler Automated Appointment Manager, agencies and organizations can easily manage and schedule appointments with minimal human intervention.

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