Simplifying Solutions Delivery

Who We Are
We are an experienced solution provider that delivers with velocity.  We focus on rapid development and deployment of SLED Enterprise solutions to solve problems through innovation. We understand that the priority is constituent service and our job is to help agencies implement innovative solutions that improve the constituent experience while making the path to digital transformation fast and cost-effective. We rapidly build proof of concepts, implement technology solutions, and can modernize legacy systems with our modular approach to delivering constituent services. Our teams have extensive experience in assessing and applying innovative solutions to enable our clients to have flexibility and speed to deploy.
What We Do
Salesforce Implementation

OSaaS provides expert Salesforce implementation services, including consulting, configuration, customization (tuning the platform and custom development), migration, integration. With our deep knowledge of the use cases and organization of the state of California government agencies we deliver high quality solutions and integration services with incredible velocity.

Government must empower citizens with the right tools to be self-reliant and able to take action through their preferred channels. A people-centric approach can connect all relevant information and employees through a single platform.

When all information is on one secure platform, government leadership can get a 360-degree view of funding, resources, results, and service-level agreements, making data-driven decisions easier and enabling teams to communicate and prioritize.

Workflow Automation Services

Easy online form design

Our government automation platform lets you create any digital online form in just minutes with no coding or IT support needed, thanks to our drag-and-drop form builder. Import existing forms, build new ones, embed conditional logic, use multiple form field types, integrate e-signatures and more.

Build automated workflows effortlessly

Whether starting from scratch or using a pre-built template, you’ll assemble even complex workflows with supercharged efficiency. Deftly define logic and rules, automate routings, set permissions, create custom notifications, then publish workflows to any location you pick. Then watch them run in a fraction of the time compared to manual processes.

Microsoft and Office 365 Service Offerings

Our professional services team provides broad and deep expertise for nearly all aspects of SharePoint and Microsoft 365.  Our expertise extends from on premise SharePoint environments to the cloud with SharePoint Online and Microsoft 365.

OSaaS provides all-inclusive Office 365 consulting services to enable multifaceted in-house and remote collaboration in your enterprise with powerful cloud-hosted solutions comprising various Office 365 features.

VaGEN to EGL Conversion
Modernized a legacy mainframe language to a modern solution.  
Business Rules Modernization: Extracted the business logic from legacy Cobol to enable solutions to be deconstructed and modernized.
Constituent Services
Electrician license renewal process
Replaced a manual process with a fully automated solution that allows  electricians to renew their license online.
Apprenticeship application process
Replaced a manual process with an on-line system to submit their apprenticeship applications online.
Constituent guided pathway
Implemented an intelligent assistant to provide information to constituents in an easy to use manner.   
Constituent Services
OSaaS has some of the leading innovative software as a service solutions from partners such as:
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