Welcome Interns!

Welcome to OSaaS! We are ecstatic to have you as a part of our team. We hope that the following months are filled with excitement and endless opportunities for you to showcase your skills that will contribute to the company.

Our goal for you in the coming months is to provide you with unique experiences that will prepare you for your future. In addition we plan to create an environment where you are able to learn new skills, foster valuable connections, and collaborate with wise mentors and great friends.

During the following weeks you will be assigned specific goals with the assistance of a direct supervisor. You will also have a mentor assigned to you that will guide you in the duration of your internship. Feel free to reach out to both them at any time with questions or concerns. There are many ways to stay in touch with us: Whatsapp, phone call, conference calls, and emails. Always remember that your mentors are busy people and if they do not reply soon, please feel free to follow up.


Please review the important values that our team believes could turn your internship into a job offer. Our team believes that the following attributes are vital for attaining success in the OSaaS team. 

A Strong Work Ethic

OSaaS values individuals that work hard and smart. This means finding the an efficient way to work while saving time. It also means caring about your job and completing tasks with a positive attitude. 

Dependability and Responsibility 

OSaaS values employees that come to work on time and are responsible for their actions and behavior. This means informing your supervisors of changes in your schedule or letting your supervisor know the status of your assignments. 

A Positive Attitude 

Having a positive attitude means taking initiative and having motivation to get work done. This could also be motivating others and avoid dwelling on changes that inevitable arise in any work setting. Lastly. this means being a positive role model to others and completing assignments all while having fun. 


This means maintaining flexibility and being open to change. By viewing change as an opportunity you may find enjoyment in completing tasks in a positive work environment. New strategies, ideas and work habits can foster a strong belief that management and staff are committed to making the workplace a better place to be. 

Honesty and Integrity

Good relationships are built on trust. It is important that strong relationships are created in the workplace, so that there is a mutual understanding of what we say and what we do. 


OSaaS strives to do their part by offering a safe, supportive, work environment that offers employees an opportunity to learn and grow. Working in a supportive work environment and taking the initiative to be self-directive will provide employees with a better sense of accomplishment and increased self-esteem. Self-motivation is vital in your position with OSaaS because it ensures that projects will be completed and enforce self-accountability to do a great job in an efficient manner. 

Strong Self Confidence 

Self-confidence has been recognized as the key ingredient between someone who is successful and someone who is not. A self-​confident person is someone who inspires others. A self-confident person is not afraid to ask questions on topics where they feel they need more knowledge.


OSaaS values employees that exhibit professional behavior at all times. Professional behavior includes learning every aspect of a job and doing it to the best of one’s ability. Professionals look, speak, and dress accordingly to maintain an image of someone who takes pride in their position within a company. 

Your Assignments

Your supervisor will assign your activities at the beginning of every week. When you are given your assignments your supervisor will provide the location of the document where your assignments will be tracked and updated. The assignments will be based on the projects defined by OSaaS and will be meaningful to you and your area of study. 


You are responsible for logging your activities and time in the template defined by OSaaS


A compensation for your activities will be communicated and provided to you by your supervisor.


You will have to be on-site at the designated office defined by your supervisor to work 9am to 6pm, at least 80% of the time. The remaining 20% of the time you can work remotely.


You will have to attend all follow-up and status meetings that are requested by your supervisor or any other member of the OSaaS team. Make sure that you communicate your availability, so that they can change the time and date if necessary.


OSaaS will assign a mentor to you to assist you during your internship. The mentor will meet with you at least once per month to give you guidance and feedback.

If you have any questions or concerns, please let us know. We wish you the best of luck during your internship with OSaaS and look forward to working with you! 

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